Best Desks For Small Spaces

“With many people still adapting to working from home, most people are left wondering how they can fit a home office into their space. You may think that your small apartment won’t be able to accommodate a home office, but with the right desk, you can transform any space into the perfect work nook. There is an entire range of desks to choose from, whether you’re looking for a wall mounted desk, corner desk, or a standard rectangular desk. Here are some of our personal favourite desks, which are ideal for small spaces in the home. With these small desks, you can build your own home office in almost no time at all.

Sedus Secretair Home Personal Desk

The new Sedus Secretair home personal desk boasts a sleek design. The clear lines and organic shape creates a more minimalist look, and is perfect for small spaces in the home. The Secretair has a clean, uncluttered appearance which looks great as an office desk. Whatsmore, this desk has a compact dimension, allowing it to squeeze into the tightest of spaces.

The Secretair is ideal for those with less need for storage. There is also enough space for some stationary and files, without looking too cluttered. If you have little space but want to add a desk which flaunts style and sophistication, this is the desk for you!
Senator Chemistry Height Adjustable Single Desk

The Senator Chemistry Height Adjustable Single Desk is perfect for those who like the sit/stand option. This desk is relatively thin, meaning that it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your home. The Senator incorporates a height adjustable workstation solution to respond to the needs of people today. This means that the desk can meet the needs of the individual, and has been proven to improve posture whilst working. The simple yet elegant design of this desk has an inherent functionality, meaning it can meet an entire range of applications.

Allermuir Host Laptop Table Designed By Simon Pengelly

The Allermuir Host Laptop Table is the perfect solution for those that find themselves commuting to and from work. If you use a laptop to work, a laptop table is ideal. Laptop tables take up much less space than the traditional office desk. The Allermuir Host is a standalone table with a weighted base.

The laptop table has a clean and simple design, ideal for any home. Whilst there is no built in storage on this laptop table, there is plenty of space for a large laptop to sit. Try pairing the Allermuir Host with a comfortable chair to create a small space to work at home.

In the process of building your very own home office? Take a look at our tips to Creating an Ergonomic Home Office to create a space you’ll love.At Office Chairs UK, we have a vast selection of desks available. Browse the range today. “